Eduard | #32337: B-17 Flaps for the HK Models Kit

Reviewed by Nigel Frampton

For the next part of this feature on aftermarket for the HK 1/32 B-17 we have some flaps...This is Eduard's latest offering for this lovely kit. Eduard appear to have changed their packaging and labelling, unless this is just a one off?

This is the set in the new packaging:

Note the new labelling. Tuning parts for your it!

The set consists of two unplated (thanks Eduard) sheets of brass each measuring approximately 260mm x 205mm. There are over 470 parts in total! This surely qualifies as a PE "Kit" rather than a "Set".

This is the first sheet:

And the second:

As you can see, the first sheet consists mainly of the inner and outer skins for the flaps. Here we can see the detail on the outer panel, which will be visible under the wing. Note the riveting detail is consistent with the surface detail of the kit itself.

Moving on to the second sheet we can see the many parts which go into the flap structures. These parts will surely build up into the most realistic flaps ever offered by PE alone? There are no fewer than 382 Brass parts on this sheet!

This is the detailing on the ribs which go into the wing sections, totally replacing the moulded in parts of the kit.

In this next detail shot we can see the detail of the smaller parts, these are the bearing mounts for the flap actuator shafts. See the third sheet of the instructions for more detail on these parts, very realistic indeed!

Moving on to the instructions, three sheets are shown here, printed off from Eduard's site so you can see them in colour.

Sheet one covers the removal of the plastic parts to allow fitment of the huge inner skin.

Sheet 2 covers the fitting of the inner ribs of the wing structure and the initial assembly of the flaps themselves. A close study of these diagrams will show just how accurate this assembly is. Imagine how good it will look under a coat of paint,then washed and weathered?

Sheet 3 of the instructions covers the final assembly and fitting of the flaps. Note the actuator detail in the bottom left hand corner. Nice!

There are actually 4 sheets of instructions, but the 4th sheet only covers advertising of Eduard's forthcoming sets for this beautiful kit. There will be sets for the complete interior and bomb bay.

To complete these Flaps you will need to add two off 230mm lengths of 3.2mm diameter rod, many sections of 1mm diameter plastic rod and some 0.7mm diameter wire.

In summary, this must be one of the most complete sets Eduard has ever made? It is certainly worth buying if for no other reason than to practise your soldering skills? Thanks to Eduard for producing this set, thanks to my wallet for buying it.

If you're interested in seeing how this set goes together, check out my build thread in the forums.

© Nigel Frampton 2013

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