ADH Publishing | How to Build Revell's Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6

Reviewed by Thierry Laurent

The book is quite reasonably priced (£11.95) and I've to say that the value for money is excellent!

This softbound 82 pages book edited by ADH is divided into different coherent chapters:

Note: no kit was built with the Revell decals as the modellers used test shots.

The step by step approach with large pictures is excellent and I appreciated the fact that some improvements were done with parts from other kits or aftermarket whereas some other ones were made from scratch. This clearly shows different options to solve the same issue.

Brett Green has a good knowledge of the topic (he already wrote different books about similar topics for Eagle Editions and Osprey). With modelling help from Chris Wauchop, Marcus Nicholls and Roy Sutherland, the results are quite convincing. I'm not always fond of such books but in this specific case, a quick comparison between the price and the contents results in a terrific ratio!

Highly recommended.

© Thierry Laurent 2013

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This review was published on Tuesday, August 20 2013; Last modified on Tuesday, August 20 2013