Eduard | #32336: B-17G Bomb Bay Upgrade Set

Reviewed by Nigel Frampton

This review covers the Eduard B-17G Bomb bay upgrade set, item number 32336. The set consists of one un-plated brass fret measuring 154mm x 134mm and containing some 172 parts.

Here is the fret, showing all the bits and pieces to replace or update the kit parts.

In this close up shot we can see the detail on all the brackets dotted around the bomb bay. These detailed areas are not depicted in the kit so if you want a well detailed bomb bay this set is for you. At the top of the picture we can see the panels provided by Eduard to cover the ejector pin marks in the bomb bay doors. A very good idea,but they haven't covered all the marks (there are lots), and we shall have to wait and see how they fit.

Here we can see the detail for the walkway, which I guess will never be seen unless you cut away your model or open up all the doors? I'm happy to know all the detail is in there.

Moving on to the instructions, there are no less than five sheets, which are all pictured here.

Page 1/5 covering the bracketry on the centre spar assembly and walkway and the bay doors.

Page 2/5 covering even more pin mark hiding plates and initial construction of the side structures. the frame is to be made up of your own supply of 1.5 x 1.5mm plastic box section. as we can see, there's more bracketry here. Under a coat of paint and weathering, these areas will really bring your bomb bay to life in my opinion.

Page 3/5 more bracketry and the complete annihilation of the very plain kit parts provided to represent these side areas of the bomb bay. All you are left with is the bomb rack...hold on, the bomb racks are covered by another Eduard set! Here we also fit the ribs between the fuselage sides and our new structure.

Page 4/5 Here we will add the pulley mechanism and various pieces of detail to the Bombay bulkheads. Note the door hinges and handle.

Page 5/5 On the final page, we will add detail to the inner walls of the fuselage including more pulleys.

If you are planning to build your B-17 with the bomb bay doors open, people will look in there and remember, if you decide to open up all the bulkhead doors, an open bomb bay will give a lot of light to see the detail in the radio room and rear of the cockpit, which by coincidence will be covered by more of these Eduard sets.

All in all, I think this set is good value at only £16.70 retail in the UK. To really go to town, you'll also need 32782 from Eduard. This set covers the Bomb racks and will really add some flare to the area.

On the downside, I wish Eduard would have included replacement fins for the bombs in this or the rack set as the plastic parts are a little thick. Maybe they're planning a "B-17 armament set"? that could include a full compliment of resin bombs and PE details for them?

Thanks to Eduard for making this set and thanks to my wallet for purchasing it...

© Nigel Frampton 2013

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This review was published on Thursday, September 05 2013; Last modified on Monday, February 22 2016