Eduard | #32775: B-17G Front Interior

Reviewed by Nigel Frampton

This review covers the Eduard PE set, 32775 for the HK Models B-17G Front interior. Basically, all the equipment in front of the cockpit is catered for here including bulkhead detail, navigator area, bomb aimer's equipment and machine gun details.The set contains two frets of brass, one made up of 47 pre-painted self adhesive parts, measuring 70mm x 60 mm and one unplated brass fret containing 100 parts and measuring 148mm x 70mm.

This is the pre-painted fret. Note all the faces for the control boxes and navigation equipment.

And the Brass unplated fret...the large panels on the left are the covers for the bulkhead and floor for the bomb aimer's chair. This fret also contains the blanking panels, on the right, for MOST of the ejector pin marks on the sidewalls, how well they fit is unknown at this stage...we'll have to wait and see.

This is a close up of some of the faces for the various boxes dotted around the area. All of this is additional to the kit plastic, with the exception of parts 4 and 5, rather than "dressing up" the existing parts. The same goes for pretty much the whole set, kit adds a lot of detail rather than just freshen up moulded detail.

A close up of some of the navigator's equipment, which strangely is shown in the instructions as being fitted in the radio room.

Note my set is out of register... :-(

Some close ups of the brass fret now, here we can see the detail for the machine gun aiming equipment and the hooks for the guns themselves. Part 59, left centre is the box which all the Bombers control levers fit into.

This is a shot of the canvas panels and the controversial wood floor for the bomb aimer's chair. The brass is suitably thin to allow it to be worked into a "canvas like" creased looking soft finish.

There are many trays, brackets, boxes and gadgets on this fret. Correctly assembled and painted, it will turn your nice model into a masterpiece!

I have included a couple of shots of the HK Models nose section so the extensive ejector pin marks can be seen.

Now we move on to the instructions for this great Eduard update set for the front interior of the HK Models B-17G. The set is supplied with 6 sides of A5 black and white printed paper. I have downloaded and printed the sheets in colour on A4 for the purpose of this review. I have only printed 5 of the 6 sheets as the 6th sheet is just an advert for Eduard's other sets, which you need look no further than this thread for. ALL the sets will be in this thread along with some other manufacturers' aftermarket.

Sheet 1. Note the panels for covering the ejector pin marks, very thoughtful of Eduard. Around the middle area we can see the new aiming rig for the machine guns on the chin turret, this is the only kit part replaced with this set. We also have placards and replacement strap for the ammo boxes.

Sheet 2. More panelling to cover the pin marks, an oxygen bottle frame and many gauges and switches for the oxygen control panel. All this will look great through the large Plexiglas nose.

Sheet 3. Here we have the canvas covers for the back of the instrument panel and at the bottom of the page, another large panel of lights and switches for bomb aiming and formation etc. Note the headphones and hook. Eduard really have thought of everything here.

Sheet 4. Detail for the Bomb aiming rig is shown here along with the bomb door control levers and wheel. Note the gun firing triggers at the top of the sheet.

Sheet 5. Ammo belt detail, machine gun detail. These machine parts may well make the kit parts satisfactory for your needs (see below). The navigator's compass equipment is also shown the radio room?

The next two pictures show each side of the kit supplied guns; will the Eduard PE will make these satisfactory?

Overall, this set is one of Eduard's best to date in my opinion. Other than the fact my set is a little out of register, I cannot fault it at all. Normally these sets are a nice to have to add that extra little touch to your model. In my opinion this is a necessity for the HJK models kit. It will really make a well detailed area in the kit into a massively detailed area.

For the sum of £18.40 in the UK, the set is a bargain, and comes highly recommended.

Thanks to my wallet for the set, and thanks to Eduard for producing it.

© Nigel Frampton 2013

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