Eduard | #32334: P-61A/B Undercarriage Part 1

Reviewed by Nigel Frampton

This review covers the Eduard undercarriage set for the Hobby Boss 1/32 P-61A/B. The part number for this set is 32334.

We all know the hobby Boss kit is a real beauty, but plastic injection moulding cannot always give the crispness required so we sometimes replace the plastic mouldings with sheet Brass. This set is a great example of this, although called an undercarriage set, it covers more than just the undercarriage and is really useful if you want to build an accurate B model, as this set gives you the required main U/C doors as PE brass, which look extremely realistic indeed.

There are two frets of unplated Brass in this set, measuring 139mm x 92mm and 139mm x 70mm respectively.

Here is Fret 1, with 61 parts.

Fret 2, with only 27 parts.

This is a close up picture of Fret 1 showing you the beautifully etched side panels for the font U/C bay and crew access. See the instruction sheet for more detail, which will show you the amazing amount of detail in this area making your undercarriage bay look stunning.

Here's more beautiful etch panelling for the crew ladder and rear of the U/C bay.

On fret 2 we have the Main U/C doors. here they are in close up. The panel with the hole is the inner stiffener of the door.

The instructions are printed on two sides of A5 paper in black ink. I have printed the instructions off in colour on A4 paper for this review. All Eduard's instructions are available on their site.

Sheet 1. Note the panelling to dress up the nose gear bay. You will want to display your model upside down with all this detail in there! I'm guessing some of this will be seen through the cockpit if the access door is left open.

Sheet 2. Yet more detail for the nose gear bay and the required mods to the gear doors to build a B variant.

Once again, Eduard have produced a lovely detail set to lift your model to the next level. this one is highly recommended, as are all the Eduard sets for this particular model.

Thanks Eduard for manufacturing this set, and thanks to my wallet for buying it.

© Nigel Frampton 2013

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