Eduard | #32769: P-61A/B Interior Part 1

Reviewed by Nigel Frampton

This review covers the Eduard Interior set 32769 for the Hobby Boss 1/32 P-61A/B. the set consists of two frets of PE brass, one plated, pre-painted and self adhesive and the other plain unplated brass.

Looking at fret one, which is 70mm x 92mm containing 62 parts, we can see there are many switch panels, knobs, levers radio fascia's along with the main instrument panel.

Looking closely at the parts we can see the pre-painted parts are beautifully done with all detail perfectly in register.

If you are on a tight budget, or just want the IP, you could buy this fret on it's own, Eduard part number 33123.

Moving on to fret 2, an unplated brass sheet measuring 140mm x 70mm, containing 48 parts.

We can see that this fret covers many panels and brackets scattered all around the interior of this very visible cockpit.

Here are the main cockpit side panels, folded up much like Eduard's flap sets. They will look extremely realistic, as they are, well, real metal! The canvas looking panel bottom right is exactly that, a canvas panel portrayed in Brass. the back of this part is thinned out and the instructions tell you to rub it all over to give the "baggy panel" effect.

Some more detail, including canopy hinges and Eduard's version of the ADF antennae top left. This should look OK covered in some superglue and talc, filed to shape. Top right there is a panel which is folded up to portray the front of the floor, which is completely missing in the kit.

The instructions are supplied as 4 sides of A5 black and white paper. I have printed the sheets off in colour on A4 paper for this review.

Sheet 1. Note the canvas rubbing at the top centre of the sheet and the missing sheet metalwork bottom left. There are also many parts covered here for the gun sight.

Sheet 2. Here we deal with no less than 16 electronic boxes switch panels fascias. Note the side panel removal at the bottom of the page.

Sheet 3. Yet more panels and switches. There is a mis-print here. The parts being embossed with a pen should state 56, not 65. This is where we add the side panels for the cockpit, in my opinion they are going to look great!

Sheet 4. Hinges are added here along with the mechanism for the open canopy top. Note that the canopy top opens to port side.

Overall, I feel this is one of Eduard's best yet, along with their Front interior set for the HK Models 1/32 B-17. Many people are opting for the Avionix cockpits for the HB P-61, but this set should also be considered and will more than likely be used as an addition to the Avionix sets for the radio faces and Instrument panel.

This set retails for £19.50 in the UK and is available from Hannants. Thanks for all the effort you have put into these sets Eduard, and thanks to my wallet for buying them.

© Nigel Frampton 2013

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