Contact Resine | 24005: Spitfire Mk Vb Prop in 1/24th Scale

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Contact Resine has a number of new resin products available for the 1/24th scale Trumpeter kits. In this review, we will examine their 1/24th scale Spitfire Prop.

The new prop from Contact represents a Rotol assembly. I compared the assembly to the profile plans in Aero Detail 8 detailing the Spitfire Mk I-V. They matched perfectly. The resin parts are shipped in a small plastic container to prevent damage. The new prop assembly is cast in tan resin. Closer examination of the sample reveals a flawless casting effort. The surface detail in the spinner is perfectly scribed down to the visible slots in the screw heads of the spinner backplate. The spinner requires the removal of a large casting block on the rear surface. A mounting hole also needs to be drilled out. This is the only modification required by the modeler.

Three prop blades are supplied. They are perfectly cast with no visible pinholes or air bubbles. A small casting pin is easily removed from the base of each blade. They should fit easily into the pre-drilled holes in the spinner.

I am quite impressed by this new Spitfire Mk Vb Prop from Contact Resine. The modifications are easy to perform for anyone with previous resin experience. I recommend this new resin product from Contact Resine without hesitation.

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016