Alley Cat | 1/32 Gloster Gamecock - 17 and 23 Sqn.

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

Alley Cat resin Gloster Gamecock in 1:32

Available for some time now - and a re-issue of the Montex kit - I was delighted to be able to acquire a copy from Ali at A2Zee at Scale Modelworld, Telford, last year. Like many - I have a bit of a 'thing' for RAF inter-war types and I'd never have dreamed we'd have seen a Gamecock in 1:32!

Stoutly packaged in Alley Cat's usual sturdy box this kit is up there with the best in terms of quality, accuracy and completeness - but may take me a while to get started - nothing to do with the quality of the kit - more a morbid fear of rigging!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words - I'm sure the following images will illustrate what's in the box far better than my ramblings could:

Alley Cat released two boxings - this with markings for 17 and 23 Sqns, and a second with markings for 3 and 43 Sqns.

Excellent colour three-views are provided, along with two superb decal sheets - great colour, register and overall quality.

Instructions are superb - very clear and detailed.

The kit is currently showing as out of stock with A2Zee models but will hopefully come on stock again at some point. Highly recommended to all with an interest in inter-war aviation.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet.


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