True Details | Misawa Wingtip Tanks (32503) For F-80 Shooting Star

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

The Misawa (created for additional range for the Shooting Stars), tip tanks are included in the Czech Model kit, but True Details came up with this replacement set anyway, eliminating at least the seam that would otherwise be present to deal with. Two unique mounting arrangements were seen on these tanks (as illustrated below in the excerpts from The Osprey F-80 (Frontline series) book), with and without fairings, but True Details only includes the faired version in this set.

The Packaging

The Contents

The Instructions

All in all, a nice set of direct replacements for the kit tanks.

Recommend Reference (Osprey F-80 Shooting Star Units Over Korea)

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This review was published on Sunday, January 19 2014; Last modified on Saturday, January 25 2014