True Details | 1950s Ground Power Unit (32506)

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

This GPU is a welcome addition to the world of 1:32 Aircraft accessories, in my view.

Standard item found on most U.S. Korean War airfields, supplying power to the likes of the F-80, F-84, T-33 and F-86, to name a few. This great little accessory can be a nice addition to a Korean War era display. Along with some barrels, and of course, the ever present Marsden matting.

The Packaging

The Contents

Very clean and solid molding here, with delightfully crisp detailing of the most delicate nature. With some decent painting and after adding some grunge, this will look really good, of that I have no doubt. Kudos to True Details for this effort. I like it a lot.

The Instructions

Recommend reading material (Osprey F-80 Shooting Star Units Over Korea), and a few scans from the Osprey Frontline Units books, showing the GPU "in action" (offered here under "fair use" terms and conditions).

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This review was published on Sunday, January 19 2014; Last modified on Saturday, March 05 2016