True Details | 32509: US WWII Era Aircrew Parachute #2

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

This particular dress up set from True Details was issued as a very simple, yet effective add on/detail for your 1:32 WWII USAAF aircraft models. As a diorama accessory or just so sit, perched on a wing, it's a very nice way to add some sense of the human element to an aircraft display.

Kit constitutes one well molded and very accurate in appearance, WWII USAAF style parachute pack, with this style being bottom side down.

Instructions are nonexistent, and that's a shame, but not an insurmountable problem, as all the item needs is painting anyway. No painting recommendations are included though, so the modeler is on his own to sort that out, but web images are plentiful, so that really shouldn't be a major issue for most.

The surface detail on my example is molded quite well, with no air bubbles, voids or other irregularities. All appropriate webbing, straps, release cable and handle, buttons and clasps are realistically captured. With some decent detail painting, this pack has the capacity to really look quite magnificent.

The Real Deal


All things considered (and despite the lack of painting instructions), if you're looking for a way to dress up your 1:32 WWII aircraft model, this item just might be the ticket, as it provides the basis for a very attractive and simple enhancement. I'll be buying more packs from this series, definitely.

This product is highly recommended for overall quality and detail.

Thanks to my wallet for the review sample.

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