Eduard | P-51D Mustang Mask (JX064)

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

Pretty much self explanatory, these are pre-cut self adhesive canopy painting masks, designed specifically for the Dragon kit. Given the attention to fit that Eduard seems famous for, it's doubtful these could be used on other Mustangs, but I can't state that with absolute certainty.

The Packaging/Placement Instructions

The Instructions

Fairly straightforward pictorial diagram of pre-cut masking piece placement on canopy. Eduard also recommends a masking agent be used in the larger areas, but I think tape might work just as well here, but this is strictly modeler preference.

All in all, a reasonably inexpensive way to accomplish the clean masking of the Mustang canopy, a task that many of us seem to dread, and Eduard has stepped in to help out in that area.

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Kagero P-51D Mustang:

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