Cutting Edge Decals | Bf 109G Great Gustavs Part 1 (CED24003)

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

Decals are provided here for three Bf 109G-6 (one being a Trop), and one Bf 109G-4 Trop Fighters, representing one plane each from JG11, JG27, JG52 and JG53. Decals appear to all be sharp, clear, with good registration and opacity.

The Packaging/Placement Instructions

Stencil Placement Guide

Specific Airframe Notations

The Decals

JG53 Badges

These are not present on original sheets:

All in all, a very nice way to dress up the 1:24 Trumpeter G-6 kit.

Suggested Reading Material/Reference

Squadron/Signal Bf 109G Walk Around:

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This review was published on Tuesday, January 28 2014; Last modified on Saturday, February 08 2014