Eagle Editions | EP#59-32: Fw 190D Wing Flaps

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Eagle Editions has just released a set of replacement resin flaps for the Fw 190 Dora in 1/32nd scale. This is a brief look at the contents.

The simple conversion set consists of two wooden flaps, single decal sheet and illustrated instructions. This resin set replaces existing kit parts with no modifications.

Eagle Editions has greatly improved their instruction sheets with this new release. In the past we had do make do with poor photocopies of diagrams that were difficult to discern at times. The instructions are now printed in full color making use of clear photos to assist the modeler with this easy installation. The instructions provide complete painting and attachment details. I hope that this format continues in the future.

The flaps are crisply cast with a large, easy to remove casting block. Various sections of the wood paneling are nicely scribed into the inner surfaces.

A small decal is provided which represents the wood grain paneling of the inner surfaces of the flaps. Modelers also have the option of painting the paneling. Photos supplied with the instructions should assist with that task.

There was no set pattern to the installation of wooden flaps on the Dora. They were randomly fitted and no single production block can lay claim to them. Two known aircraft were fitted with wooden flaps: Fw 190D-9, “Red 13” of JV 44 and Fw 190D-13, “Yellow 10”. It is likely that their use was more prevalent towards the end of the war. Therefore, I would suggest that they be used with later production aircraft.

Eagle Editions continues to offer us some of the most accurate aftermarket parts available for 1/32nd scale Luftwaffe subjects. This easy to install conversion set continues that trend and I recommend it without hesitation.

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