Videoaviation | 1/32 USN Deck Crew (Modern) Part No: 120332

Reviewed by Matt Gannon

For those interested in a diorama or figures of US Navy personnel to pose with their aircraft the choices have been very limited. now produces an excellent set of four modern US Navy deck crew to assist.

The sturdy box contains the four resin figures (one with separate arms to facilitate painting), another bag containing three USN wheel chocks and assembly instructions that are colour printed and serve as paint guides for the figures.

Assembly is straightforward and the detail on the all the parts is excellent. Parts will need some cleaning up before priming.

Given the paucity of figures to suit a modern US Navy 1/32 dioramist, these figures from will be a welcome product.

The figures are available via the Videoaviation website but are proving to be very popular.

Review sample kindly provided by Videoaviation.

© Matt Gannon 2014

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This review was published on Saturday, April 12 2014; Last modified on Thursday, December 03 2015