Videoaviation | 1/32 SUU-21 Bomb Dispenser Part No: 130532

Reviewed by Matt Gannon

A relatively recent product from Videoaviation is the SUU-21 bomb dispenser. It's just in time for the LSP Air War over Vietnam Group Build.

A quick google search on SUU-21 bomb dispenser shows that there are a large variety of aircraft that this dispenser was attached to. I found reference to this dispenser on F-100s, F-105s (NB also the MJ-1 Wpn loader), and F-4s.

The dispenser comes in a sturdy box with parts as displayed in the photos below. It can be built with open or closed doors, has six BDU48 and six Mk75 bomblets that can be mounted on an internal rack. The dispenser can be posed on two display stands or attached to the aircraft you are building. Decals are included of RBF (Remove Before Flight) tags and other markings for the dispenser casing itself.

The resin parts are all cast very nicely. The fins of the bomblets are very thin but have no distortion. The detail on the dispenser casing is excellent. Decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop and they look to be in good register.

This is a very well made product that will suit many jets. It is available from Videoaviation for 12Euro. The link will show what the kit can look like once painted up and attached under the new Italeri F-104.

Many thanks to Videoaviation for the review sample.

© Matt Gannon 2014

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This review was published on Saturday, April 12 2014; Last modified on Thursday, December 03 2015