True Details | Marsden Matt (PSP) Display Base

Reviewed by Mike Swinburne

True Details recently released a solid resin base of Marsden Matting (Pierced Steel Plating or PSP) in 1/32 scale which will make a great addition to any WWII Pacific or Korean War display. What you get in the box is simple: one unpainted solid square approximately 13.5" wide. The PSP runs on a 45 degree angle to the sides and one corner is molded as dirt or sand with a nicely represented log also. The detail of the PSP and of the groundwork is very convincing and very sharp; with careful painting, you'll have a beautiful and realistic base right out of the box to display your aircraft on.

To compare detail and sizes, I've included photos of the Zoukei-Mura PSP diorama base as well which is smaller and pre-finished, and also posed both with a 1/32 Hasegawa P-40, an aircraft commonly seen on such a temporary airfield. Highly recommended!

© Mike Swinburne 2014

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This review was published on Thursday, May 01 2014; Last modified on Sunday, May 04 2014