Caracal Models | CD32010 Air National Guard F-4C/D Part 1

Reviewed by Matt Gannon

Lovers of the F-4C/D McDonnell Douglas Phantom might enjoy the a variety of marking options provided by Caracal Models in Texas. Decal sheet CD32010 Air National Guard F-4C/D Part 1 covers five different Phantom paint scheme's specific to the Air National Guard.

The five choices of markings for Phantom F-4C/Ds of the Air National Guard all have the ADC gray paint scheme. The markings range from 1982-1984 and include colourful ANG units from Hawaii, North Dakota, Oregon, but also two options from Texas . One decal sheet contains all the individual scheme variants. There are also two other separate decal sheets that include mainly stencil decals and US Air Force National Insignia markings for one plane. There is also a fourth sheet of serial numbers for specific planes with additional stencil decals.

Decals were posted in a sturdy cardboard envelope and remained undamaged after a long international trip. The decals themselves were packaged in a plastic zip-lock bag and enclosed within the decal placement guide. This guide has been printed in colour on thick glossy paper and is used to protect the decals sealed inside the plastic bag. Printed by Microscale all the decals look very colourful and have absolutely perfect register. On one sheet the "Eagle" decal from the Oregon ANG's Phantom seems to have a lot of carrier film that might benefit from some trimming. The decals again look fantastic and offer options for building a Phantom in state ANG livery with the ADC gray scheme. Given the light gray of the ADC paint scheme, the flashes of colour from these decals will really highlight the schemes.

Many thanks to Caracal Models for the review sample. Decals are available via the Caracal Models website or alternatively through many of LSP's sponsors.


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