Aviattic | 1/32 Lozenge Decals and Fuel Cart

Reviewed by James Knaus

Last year I heard about this new company called Aviattic. They were supposed to make lozenge decals that looked like the real thing. So I ordered a set. They graciously sent me some generic sheets at the same time.

Well since then they have expanded their product line and have also started delving into resin.

Okay let me start this review with what drew me to them in the first place. Their decals. While I like the WingNut Wings decals I was searching for something more realistic still. The Aviattic decals fit that bill. They truly look like woven cloth and not just a shiny lozenge decal. The have the rib tapes already on them which is a BIG plus as there are a lot of them on a Fokker DVII. The decal material is a strong slightly thick material which snuggles down just fine. I was also able to reposition them a bit without the decals shattering or ripping. I was in decal heaven.

Included in the decal package there is a nice trifold sheet of information and advice. Also included is a comprehensive instruction sheet for installing the decals. The decals themselves are direct replacements for the WingNut Wings ones.

When I tried the decals I had painted the wing in "Cloth" colour. I neglected to do preshading or any type of prep that would make this decal set really shine.

And yet it was head and shoulders above the originals already.

As you can see they look way better. Also note I have not trimmed the sheet yet and I handled the other set too much so there are some rips. Don't let that deter you.

Now a year later I have learned some tricks, and while I have not yet got that far I have seen other peoples work. What I will try is to paint the wings white. Then mask the ribs and spray on a shadow. Then apply the decals. In all the builds I have seen where this has been done the wings have looked amazing.

There are fitted sheets with a number of options from new to old faded coverings with all the different rib tapes. They also have a number of generic sheets including internal reversed sides as seen on my newest build.

Now on to the resin. The first resin piece I knew of was a new extremely thin cowling for the Fokker E.IIs, E.IIIs, E.IV. I have not yet bought those, but they are on my list of must haves. These should allow you to use the superb Taurus Models Oberursel engines.

I did get all exited about their newest product though and had to have one. It is a fueling cart.

Now I saw that the Last Cavalry had some pre-release kits and I just had to get one. I will get a production model also. Mine arrived in a clear plastic case and well padded. Looking at the parts and they are very crisp and well detailed. Actually amazing detail would be a better descriptor.

A figure is in the works also.

To be able to recreate a scene like this:

This would go great with the new WNW kits, or any for that matter. I got this info from Richard at Aviattic.

The fuel cart is currently offered with extras to complete the model with silver wire, flexible 'hose' (which can be posed by threading through with some wire) and "Bobs Buckles" - tube and eyelets - for the rigging. Two amazing crew figures will be made available in a month or so based on those guys in the photo but useable in any scenario. price for cart is £19.75 GBP and as a set with two figures £45.75.

Also in the works are Three US crew set (two pilot/observers and ground crewman with accessories will be £35.75. Plus shipping.

Overall I am very happy with the Aviattic stuff I have so far. The decals truly add to the build and are an easy way for anyone to step up their game. The resin I have seen so far is blemish-free, crisp, and very well detailed.

Give them a try and I think you will be very happy.

Thanks to my wallet and Richard for the various decals and the refueler.

© James Knaus 2014

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This review was published on Saturday, May 24 2014; Last modified on Monday, November 30 2015