Profimodeller | #32195: Gloster Meteor - Interior

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

Czech firm Profimodeller has released a series of upgrade sets for the HK Models Gloster Meteor Mk 4 kit. Here we examine set #32195, a small photo-etched set for the cockpit. (Note that for the text of this review I've corrected the spelling of 'interior' with regard to the product name.)

The set consists of a small photo-etched fret of detail parts, a printed sheet of instrument dials, and an instruction leaflet.

The focus of these parts is on the instrument panel, gun sight, and the rear decking behind cockpit. The last-mentioned area of the kit is completely devoid of detail, so the structural detail provided by this set should enhance it nicely.

The instrument panel and gun sight details utilise the existing kit parts, and require these to be modified to suit. The additional detail and finesse on these highly visible items should be worth the effort however.


This is not a large or comprehensive detail set, but overall it provides some useful enhancements to highly visible areas of the kit. As long as you're comfortable modifying kit parts, I'm happy to recommended this set.

Thanks to Profimodeller for the review sample.

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This review was published on Monday, August 04 2014; Last modified on Monday, August 04 2014