Wolfpak Decals | 32-002 Gunfightin' Eagles

Reviewed by Matt Gannon

Wolfpak Decals of Youngstown Ohio have released two 1/32 scale decal sheets for US aircraft. Wolfpak Decals shouldn't be confused with Wolfpack Design in Korea.

The second sheet released is for Mountain Home AFB F-15Es. The sheet offers three aircraft including my personal favourite, the 'Bold Tigers' scheme. There are no national markings or stencil data. Over 11 A4 sheets there is detailed background historical information on the F-15E Strike Eagle, specific and detailed information about the aircraft the schemes depicted and also additional notes pertinent for modellers including which kit to use.

There is also an extensively detailed lists of weapons loadouts not just for the planes but grouped according to the years in which they operated. Highly detailed data on colour callouts for all aspects of the planes and schemes is also provided. There is even more detailed information pertaining to F15 Strike Eagle kits that are available that might suit each scheme and the modifications pertinent to each. All of this information supplied over 11 A4 pages, like the information in 32-001 Dessert SLUFs, is a great stand alone information resource.

The decals in each package come on one sheet having been printed by Fantasy Printshop. The register on the decals look fine to me and there is a minimum of carrier film.

In keeping with the first release, these decals include an astonishing amount useful accompanying information. I continue to admire the effort that must have gone into collating and distilling all this information into one handy resource. I really liked the package and thought it must have been a huge effort to put all the information together. I think its great value for money at $17USD per set.

Note: I've adjusted the images to protect the creators content but hopefully you get the idea of what is in the package.

Highly Recommended.

Decals courtesy of Wolfpak Decals.

© Matt Gannon 2014

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This review was published on Sunday, September 28 2014; Last modified on Tuesday, September 30 2014