Eduard | Mask JX053 - Ju 87G Stuka (for Hasegawa kit)

Reviewed by Rato Marczak

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This item by Eduard is a set of pre-cut, Kabuki type (as all later Eduard's releases) mask set for the Hasegawa Ju 87G Stuka in 1/32 scale. If you know a Stuka, you'll remember how many windows there are to mask, so this is very handy for a crisp finish.

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The set comes with masks for all four clear parts of the cockpit, plus a mask for the plexiglass on the fuselage spine and the traditional Eduard wheel hub masks. The adhesive is strong enough to avoid any change of paint bleeding under the mask. Just a matter of pressing them down properly against the surfaces. And once removed, they won't leave any residue.

You can use these masks at least a couple of times, if you don't damage them during the removal, and you can even use more times if you apply a coat of Microscale Metal Foil Adhesive (or similar) when you feel that the masks are loosing their tackiness.


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