Eduard | JX082: Bf 110C Canopy Mask (Dragon Kit)

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

This is a die-cut canopy mask set specifically designed for the Dragon Bf 110C model kit. The use of these precut masks saves gobs of time masking, using more traditional methods, and is therefore highly recommended.



Instructions are included, that will undoubtedly assist with proper placement. Given the tremendous areas of glass on the 110 canopies and windscreen, this set is sure to save the modeler some time and aggravation. Eduard typically tests fits (and revises accordingly, when needed), these mask sets to assure proper coverage of the canopy framework only. I've read that if proper care is taken, these can be carefully peeled off and reused, though I haven't personally gotten that far.

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Revi Bf 110 C/D/E:

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