Quickboost | QB 32 006: Revi 16B Gunsights

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

This is a direct replacement gunsight set to be used with any appropriate WWII German fighter model kit. Casting is sharp, crisp and delicate, rendering a set that with some good detail paint and weathering, will really look spiffy, providing a nice enhancement to overall cockpit area appearance.


Minimal instructions are included, but then none are really necessary, as these are direct replacements for the kit parts. Quickboost has really saved the modeler some time here by detailing these out, as that otherwise is a tedious and time consuming chore. Also provided, are two sets of three clear acetate sheets for the reflector glass itself, one set for each sight, a nice touch. I heartily recommend them.


The delicate nature and detailing of this set really has to be seen to be appreciated, and all in all, will make a reasonably priced addition to the cockpit area of the kit, providing the modeler with a very accurate looking gunsight.

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