Fotocut | 1/32 F6F-3/5 Detail Set

Reviewed by Chris Sherland

Fotocut's F6F detail set is based in their unique Photo Etching process and includes parts for a completely scratch built cockpit. Details are also included for the wheel wells, aileron actuators, cowl flaps and harness, as well as a full replacement for the kit seat.

The set is well researched and matches references for both F6F-3 and -5 aircraft details. A single film is included for the main and auxiliary instrument panels. Diagrams and instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Fotocut products are embedded in a pliable green-colored vinyl backing sheet. This has two distinct advantages to fret-based photo etched products:

  1. Ease of removal
  2. Part trimming is not required
    1. If you've ever lost a tiny PE part when cutting it off the fret, you'll understand the relief of number one, and if you've ever done more damage to a tiny PE part in clean up than in removal you'll get why number two is a value.

      The 1/32 Fotocut Hellcat detail set is scaled up from a product designed to fit the Hasagawa 1/48 Hellcat kit. So while it is a complete solution for detailing the older Hasagawa F6F kit, the scale up lacks the high level of detail that say the Waldron set designed in 1/32 contains. However the Fotocut set does address more than simply the cockpit, and the directions are much easier to follow than the cryptic Waldron instructions. As with many PE detail sets some scratch building skills are required to complete the set, some cutting and shaping of styrene elements is needed, as well as fashioning harness straps to thread the buckles provided.

      While suffering from a slight case of heavy detail the Fotocut Hellcat set provides a huge upgrade to the kit parts, especially when combined with average scratch building skills. With some dedicated work and careful bending, the set will bring accurate detail to the old Hasagawa kit.

      Review sample courtesy of Fotocut.

      Fred Hultberg
      Box 120 Erieville,
      NY 13061


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