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Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Aero Bonus is a new company providing 1/32nd scale aircraft accessories. This is a review of their Remove Before Flight Flags in 1/32nd scale.

This set consists of 6 red flags with white lettering on paper backing, a small length of wire and instructions. The modeler simply releases the flags from the paper backing and attaches two of them together to create a single flag. This should be easy do to as they are provided with self-adhesive. A small hole is drilled in the flags and a piece of wire is then attached. They are then ready to be attached to your model.

Remove Before Flight Flags are frequently seen on modern jet aircraft. This simple addition to your model will really enhance its appearance. In addition, modelers trying to create accurate dioramas will find these items invaluable. I am sure these new products from Aero Bonus will become quite popular and I recommend without hesitation.

At the time of this review, Aero Bonus does not have a website, though one is contemplated for in the very near future. Products may be available at your local hobby shop or directly from Aero Bonus at:

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