Aviattic | ATT32011: 4- and 5-Colour Reverse Lozenge Print for Interiors

Reviewed by Mike Swinburne

Aviattic recently expanded the line of available fabric decals for 1/32 aircraft including a set of decals which can be used for the interior surfaces of German lozenge-covered fuselages. The new decal sheet includes four full strips: one each for 4-colour upper and lower lozenge print, and one each of 5-colour upper and lower lozenge print, in addition to a half strip of 4-colour upper surface lozenge to fill out the available print space. To my eyes, the colours offered in these reverse lozenge prints look spot on, and considering that Aviattic's labour of love is German lozenge print fabric, this should come as no surprise.

As with all other Aviattic decals designed to depict fabric-covered surfaces, this decal sheet contains a fine fabric effect printed into the artwork, a feature that sets their offerings apart from all other lozenge and fabric decal options on the market. The lozenge pattern has been reversed from the standard, to appear as though you really are viewing dyed fabric patterns from the reverse side. Aviattic fabric decal sets are onto clear backing paper (some are available also on white decal paper), which means that you need to apply them over a gloss white basecoat. While it does add an extra step to finishing your model, the added benefit to this approach is that any preshading you do under the white will show through, adding realistic depth to your model.

Experience in applying Aviattic decals has been very positive. While you do need to cut the piece you need from a decal sheet containing continuous carrier film, the decal film itself is very durable and slightly elastic. This comes in useful after the decal has set on your model surface as in the event you need to trim around any details, your risk of damaging the rest of the decal is greatly reduced. The decals snuggle down fine with Microset or Solvaset; and without setting solution, they should go down without difficulty if your surface is smooth enough.

The reverse lozenge decals will look superb in the cockpits of your Wingnut Fokker D.VIIs, Rumplers, Roden Fokker D.VIs, and any other fabric-covered fuselages. Very highly recommended!

Aviattic decals can be purchased directly from Aviattic's web store and several online retailers. Thank you to Richard from Aviattic for the review sample.

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This review was published on Wednesday, May 06 2015; Last modified on Thursday, February 25 2016