AoA Decals | 32-005: Bronco Airframe Stencils

Reviewed by LSP_Paul

AoA Decals has released this very useful set of stencils for OV-10As used by the Navy and USMC and provides markings for Green over Gray and light gull gray aircraft. This stencil sheet is included in the previously reviewed 32-004 Black Ponies and More sheet, but if you want to supplement your kit's stencils and use the rest of the sheet, or do your own thing, these would be the sheet to get.

What's in the Package

This sheet provides complete OV-10A Bronco airframe stencils for one aircraft in the original Marines and Navy Field Green over Light Gull Grey camouflage scheme, and is also applicable to the overall Light Gull Grey camouflage scheme used by the Navy.

In addition to the standard airframe stenciling, the sheet also includes tire slip markings, centerline fuel tank NO STEP stencils, LW-3B ejection seat markings, and full sponson and wing pylon stenciling.

The Artwork/Placement Guide

The Decal Sheet


A highly recommended beautifully printed accessory sheet and a must have if you decide to do your own thing with your bronco (CDF or BLM aircraft for example), or just want to tighten up the stencils to compliment the kit decals.

Thank you Again to Steve at AoA Decals for the review sample.

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This review was published on Tuesday, June 02 2015; Last modified on Wednesday, June 10 2015