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Reviewed by Kevin Williams

This reference is a rather nice and seemingly comprehensive unit history, following the forming, training and tactical deployment of this, the 86th Fighter Group, flying A-36 Apache and P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft types, covering training in Mississippi, then operations in North Africa, Sicily, Corsica, Italy, France and Germany. Not a technical volume regarding the types depicted, but rather, a nice unit history that delves into the involvement of this particular group during the WWII years.

Sample Color Profiles

The text is augmented with a nice selection of period photos, each chosen to represent different time-frames and theaters of operation, as well as some personal markings. The artwork that is included from Terry Higgins is quite exceptional, capturing the look and feel of his subjects rather well.

All in all, a very nice, compact (140 plus) pages, that I can recommend to anyone clamoring for more data on Apache and Thunderbolt types "in service".

For more information, here's a site of possible interest to some, the 86th FG home page.

Additional Thunderbolt References

Squadron/Signal Thunderbolt in Europe and the Pacific:

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