AoA Decals | 32006: "You're Cleared Hot" USAF OV-10A Bronco FACs in the Vietnam War

Reviewed by LSP_Paul

Another Really Cool new Release from AoA decals! 32006 "You're Cleared Hot" OV-10A Bronco FACs in the Vietnam War.

What You Get

This 1/32 decal sheet includes 16 marking options for OV-10A Broncos used by the USAF in the Forward Air Controller (FAC) role during the Vietnam War. Not all schemes included are identified to their applicable assigned Tactical Air Support Squadron (TASS), but the markings for each of the 16 identified Aircraft are really sharp. Aircraft (67-14623) can also be modeled as a PAVE NAIL aircraft since the markings were the same before/after modification.

Instructions also include ordnance loadout charts, and modelers should find this helpful when trying to accurately replicate this important piece of aviation history.

Full stencils are provided for one OV-10 and the stencils provided are complete airframe stencils. The excellent and detailed stencil sheet is also available to purchase separately as 32-007.

Instructions/Markings Guides

The Decals

Outstanding Quality, all lettering appears to be in the correct font, and is legible under magnification, the clear areas around each image are thin and the colors are solidly printed and opaque. "Printed by Cartograf" is as good as it gets in my book.


Simply another outstanding job of research and a truly quality product. The OV-10 was such an important part of the Forward Air Control community towards the end of the war in Vietnam and anybody building the excellent 1/32 scale kit from Kittyhawk now has some more really attractive options to mark their model with.

Thanks to AoA Decals for the opportunity to review this great new decal sheet, and I can't wait to see what they come out with next!

© LSP_Paul 2015

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