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Reviewed by Kevin Williams

fündekals :) has provided here, a very interesting set of markings for one particular pilot, Johnny Plagis, flying two different Mk.IXc Spitfires, ML214 and NH295. No less than seven iterations of these two airframes are depicted, giving the modeler several options as regards time frame, etc. Impressive PDF of instructions for these two machines, are no less than 9 pages, though I've only illustrated two, and are replete with gobs of notes and reference documentation, so care is recommended when deciding what scheme to choose, while taking full advantage of the supplied information. Unique airframe differences are noted, as are color peculiarities.

These decals (wonderfully printed), are really quite interesting, appearing to be in perfect register, very thin and quite opaque. Given the apparent fine quality of the printing, I see no need to dwell further on this particular aspect. Complete national and personal markings for Plagis' machines as depicted in the instructions are included, with the option for the modeler of having no invasions stripes at all, all the way through a set of full blown (modified)invasion stripes, though with no upper wing stripes.


fundekals :) also offers up downloadable instructions, that are very often great references unto themselves, with illustrative examples of the products featured, as well as a breakdown on the interpreted data depicted, a very nice touch indeed, and may be an industry first, as I know of no other decal companies that go to such great lengths to provide the modeler with such in depth documentation. This approach undoubtedly saves on overall expenses, and that's always a good thing.


All things considered, if you're looking for a truly unique set of markings for your Type IXc Spitfire (more than likely the Tamiya kit, since that's the best extant kit there is on the market), this set may just fill the bill for you quite nicely, as the uniqueness of the multiple variations available for one particular aircraft are somewhat unusual and interesting, at least in my opinion.

This product is highly recommended.

Thanks to fündekals :) for the review sample.

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