Wolfpack | WP32065: F/A-18A+ Hornet Cockpit Set

Reviewed by Nicolas Renoult

What's inside the box:

The tub is moulded with the aft area as a single massive part:

It's very nicely detailed and the moulding is flawless.

Next, the seat, with moulded seatbelts:

The instrument panel:

The instrument panel shroud, with a nice texture:

The canopy parts (only the rear is supplied and not the sides as in the Aires kit):

The turtle deck:

The sidewalls:

The small PE fret with parts for the HUD and the mesh cover of the avionics:

And various small detail parts:

The instructions, printed in color on a quality paper:

© Nicolas Renoult 2015

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This review was published on Monday, October 19 2015; Last modified on Saturday, February 04 2017