Aires | 2035: F/A-18C Hornet Cockpit Set for the Academy Kit

Reviewed by Nicolas Renoult

What's in the box:

First the tub, perfectly cast as usual. The throttle is moulded with the tub, so the modeller will have to take care to not break it during the manipulations (cutting and sanding casting blocks...):

The instrument panel:

The shroud (the textured surface is moulded with the instrument panel):

The canopy detailing parts, including the sides, and they look gorgeous:

The seat, nicely done, but without any seat belts, so one will have to struggle with the PE belts, which is not the preference of everyone as far as I know:

A small clear lens for the HUD:

The turtle deck:

The sidewalls:

The electronics bay, with a separate part, which is a good point for painting:

The small detail parts:

The PE fret, with many small parts, instrument panels, and the seat belts. The instruments are printed on clear film, as usual for Aires:

And the instructions:

I think that unfortunately several buttons are broken on the Aires instrument panel. However, it's pretty easy to correct by gluing small bits if stretched sprue of the correct diameter.

© Nicolas Renoult 2015

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