Brengun | BRL 32017: N1K2-J Detail Set

Reviewed by Bill Scarbrough

Included in the package is a single PE fret, a film with instruments and gunsight reflectors, and the instruction sheet.

The photoetch appears to be stainless steel, and contains well over a hundred individual parts. The level of surface detail on the metal parts is excellent.

The focus of this set is the cockpit, but there are parts included to dress up the engine and gear bays as well. The cockpit enhancements:

The instructions, printed on a single sheet, are purely pictorial, and seem to me to be very clear. Twenty-one separate steps are required to utilize the entire set.

This set is fairly comprehensive, and will provide a definite enhancement to a cockpit that has been heralded as one of Hasegawa’s best. The tiny parts may require magnifying lenses and a steady hand. I would suggest backing them with low tack tape prior to removing them from the fret. I believe this set to be a good value for the cost. Recommended.

© Bill Scarbrough 2015

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This review was published on Saturday, November 14 2015; Last modified on Saturday, August 20 2016