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Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Aero Bonuscontinues to release diorama accessories for the 1/32nd scale enthusiast. Their most recent release is a 150 lb. Wheeled Halon Fire Extinguisher.

The Aero Bonusset represents a model 600 K manufactured by the Amerex Corporation. This fire extinguisher has been used by all branches of the US armed services since Vietnam.

This comprehensive set consists of 19 resin pieces, decals, vinyl tubing(not shown in review photo), photo etch and detailed instructions.

The illustrated instructions are small, yet well laid out and easy to understand. They include a complete parts break down,detailed assembly and decal placement instructions.

The resin parts are nicely cast. Some flash and a casting block will need to be removed from the framing as well as a large casting block from the bottom of the tank. The resin parts make up the trolley with wheels and pressure fittings attached to the tank. Also included is a nozzle for the end of the hose. Construction should pose no difficulty for any modeler with prior resin experience.

The decal sheet includes all markings applied to the fire extinguisher and includes the name Kadenain bold red text. I’m sure this represents an extinguisher from that base. The markings are in perfect register and minimal carrier film is visible.

Any modeler wishing to build dioramas of modern era jets will find this resin set a must. Thanks to Jozef Malý who sent me a comprehensive grouping of photos showing this fire extinguisher beside a number of different aircraft at various locations. This clearly proves that the Amerex 600 K sees widespread service.

Aero Bonus products are available from Meteor Productions or directly from the manufacturer at:

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