Aviattic | 1/32 WW1 German Upright German Refuelling Cart (Gotha, AEG, etc)

Reviewed by Mike Swinburne

The third in a small series of first world war airfield items, Aviattic has recently released a large German fuel cart, an item that can be clearly seen in some photos multi-engine German bombers.

Twelve pieces are featured, cast in dark grey resin, and also included are lengths of fine wire and guitar string. While there is some standard flash requiring cleanup in the wheel spokes, details are sharply cast throughout and I see no signs of any air bubbles or mold defects. An instruction sheet is not included, but is available to download in colour on the Aviattic website. Assembly appears to be very straightforward and will be quite fast once the parts are cleaned up from their pour stubs.

If you have finished a Wingnut AEG or Gotha and enjoy displaying your kits on bases, this fuel cart is something you should absolutely consider posing next to your masterpiece to add another layer of realism and interest. I highly recommend this set to anyone looking to add that little something extra to appropriate displays. Aviattic products can be purchased directly from Aviattic's website; please mention your seeing this review on Large Scale Planes!

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This review was published on Monday, November 30 2015; Last modified on Saturday, February 27 2016