MustHave Models | 1:32 Martin Baker Mk 4 Ejection Seat - Mirage IIIC

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

With the recent release of the new 1:32 Mirage IIIC from Italeri it hasn't taken long for the aftermarket companies to release accessories for the kit.

Martin Baker Mk4

The kit includes an OK, if rather basic, representation of the Martin Baker Mk 4 seat - but, even with the kit supplied etched brass straps, it lacks detail.

Mirage IIIC ejection seat

MustHave models to the rescue - with a really nicely modelled and cast Mk 4 seat, replete with a full set of straps. Both the quality of the pattern making, as well as the casting, are top notch, with separate parts provided for the strap locking box, seat height adjuster and both upper and lower 'pull' handles.

Mirage seat

Prep takes no time at all - I quickly removed the seat base moulding plug with a razor saw and prepped the smaller parts by gently rubbing down, vac form style, on a sheet of wet wet and dry paper until the moulding wafers just fell away. About 5 minutes work in all!

The review set was supplied before final 'instructions' were ready - but we believe the production seats will include some seat drawings and other relevant information to aid the modeller.


A simple, noticeable and high quality addition to your next Mirage build - highly recommended!

Review copy courtesy of Marc Guerrero at MustHave Models.

In addition MustHave models have released a set of wheels and, I believe, have a few other goodies planned!


© Iain Ogilvie 2016

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This review was published on Friday, January 01 2016; Last modified on Saturday, January 09 2016