airscale | PE32 MOD: Jet Cockpit Upgrade

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

After much pleading from modellers, UK firm airscale has responded by developing a cockpit and instrument panel bezel set for 1/32 scale jet kits. The modestly-sized photo-etched fret consists of nine rows of assorted generic cockpit details, which the packaging describes as "Multi Function Displays, Instrument Bezels, Switchgear and Ejection Seat details".

The rear of the insert card contains a legend of parts, which is handy if you're trying to create something accurate, rather than simply improving detail with some creative gizmology.


For those of us who like to enhance older kits or indulge in scratch-building projects, sets like these from airscale are invaluable. They can be used generically for a bit of creative gizmology, or they can be deployed to accurately represent actual instrument and cockpit details where appropriate. While I wouldn't dare to suggest that every conceivable option is covered, there should be more than enough here to produce a reasonably accurate and comprehensive set of instrument consoles.

If you enjoy building and improving jet kits, you'd be crazy not to own a set of these photo-etched details. Highly recommended!

Thanks to airscale for the review sample.

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This review was published on Friday, January 22 2016; Last modified on Saturday, January 23 2016