Videoaviation | 152032: Mk 82 Snakeye Bombs (8 pieces)

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

The Mk 82 Snakeye 500lb bomb fitted with a Mk 14 TRD (tail retarding device) is intended to be deployed at low level allowing the aircraft the time to depart the target area before the bombs detonate.

The Snakeye is ubiquitos on modern western aircraft, and the Videoaviation replicas are a joy to behold, very nicely cast in cream resin, the fins on the tails are particularly fine, and the lugs will have you scratching your head how they manage to produce something so delicate. The bombs come with a choice of either an end cap of fuse for the business end of the bomb. Completing the package is a small set of stencils in yellow, matching the high standard of the resin parts.

Review sample kindly supplied by Videoaviation, available directly from their website.

© Andrew Birnie 2016

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This review was published on Thursday, March 24 2016; Last modified on Thursday, March 24 2016