AoA Decals | 32-008: DaNang War Horses USAF/USMC OV-10A Broncos in the Vietnam War

Reviewed by LSP_Paul

More cool "A" Model Bronco markings from AoA Decals! Let's take a look.

This small 1/32 decal sheet includes two Marine VMO-2 aircraft, one from 1969 and the other from 1970; and the USAF 20th TASS CO's "famous" shark-mouthed Lois Little, which can be depicted from different time periods in 1972 (although a third option is also possible).

Important note: Departing from previous AOA releases, this sheet does NOT include complete airframe stencils; instead only the larger common markings are provided. For those modelers that wish to have entire airframe stencils, the full stencils are available separately, see 32-005 (USMC) and 32-007 (USAF).

What's in the Package

Small does not mean any less detailed information is dedicated to each subject with AoA. The detail callouts for all provided markings options are thorough and accurate and easy to follow. The subjects complement the previously released OV-10A Sets from AoA and these excellent decals will definitely get noticed on a nicely painted model.

The Decals

Outstanding Quality, all lettering appears to be in the correct font, and is legible under magnification, the clear areas around each image are thin and the colors are solidly printed and opaque. "Printed by Cartograf" is as good as it gets in my book.


Having had been lucky enough to review the previous AoA sheets for the Bronco, I'd have to say that this sheet is no less detailed and is clearly a great option for a few more!

Thank you to AoA Decals for the review sample, I can't wait to see what you guys come out with next!

© LSP Paul 2016

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