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Reviewed by Ray Peterson

Hobby Zone is a Polish firm that provides some innovative and useful tools for modelers. One of these is their Modular Workshop System. This system consists of a whole series of different storage units that can be mixed and matched and stacked to provide a convenient and organized workspace for your tools, paints, and kit parts. It is made of CNC cut Masonite of two different thicknesses. The typical units are approximately 12" wide by 6" high x 6" deep, or 30cm x 15cm x 15cm.

I figured out what I could use for my cluttered desk and ordered several units. What came in the mail – surprisingly fast – was a box full of boxes. Each of the smaller boxes contains one of the modular units. The boxes are well packed and professionally done.

Here is one of the units, a three-drawer storage unit.

The instructions are on a single, two sided page, with simple, numbered, assembly instructions. Also supplied are small but strong magnets that do a good job of holding the different units together yet allowing you to re-arrange units to your heart’s desire. I used Gorilla White Glue, but any white glue would work for assembly.

Here is the drawer unit assembled. Note I used thin strips of tape to hold parts together while they dried.

Here is the completed unit. This unit is also supplied with dividers you can add to the drawers. Another tip: since the magnets have no markings, wait till the end so you can keep track of orientation.

This is one of my favorite units. It is a tool holder with varying size holes for paint brushes, pencils, tweezers and the like. One note, when assembling it, I suggest varying from the instructions. Parts 10 and 11, the dowel and the small part with the small holes for drill bits and the like, are best installed at the same time as the vertical supports, parts 2 and 3. It is a heck of a lot easier than trying to push the dowel and piece through the side after the other parts are all glued.

I then took all the units, put in the magnets, and arranged them together. The stepped shelves are for paint and other bottles of different sizes. They have other designs for specific bottle sizes.

In summary, this is a very nice system. It is a little expensive, but will go a long way to organizing your workspace.

Highly recommended.

Order direct from Hobby Zone. Review system courtesy of my thinning wallet.

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