Aviattic | Spandau Shell Shutes

Reviewed by Mike Swinburne

A set of shell shutes (or chutes, if you prefer) for 1/32 Spandau machine guns has been released by Aviattic, a simple two-piece resin set. The pieces are very cleanly cast and will be simple to install in place of misshapen or absent kit pieces. These ejector chutes are prominent features on a photograph of the Spandau guns removed from von Richtofen's triplane.

This set was purchased directly from Aviattic and will make a nice addition or replacement for kit parts, especially on something with more visibility into the interior, such as a skeleton/uncovered fuselage. Check your references, as these may not have been widely used on some aircraft.

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This review was published on Monday, May 02 2016; Last modified on Friday, May 06 2016