Fly | Guns 2. Version for Hurricane 32012-32014

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

The guns supplied by both injection moulded plastic and resin in the the Fly Models Hurricane IIC, IIC Trop, and Sea Hurricane IIC kits, are of the early type. This very neat set solves the problem if the aircraft you wish to depict is equipped with the later type guns - the springs are much more prominent.

Exquisitely cast in grey resin, the guns are fine representation of the real thing, with join lines, rivet detail, nuts, not to mention the springs, and a hollow inside the barrel fairing where the barrel enters. There is a little bit of flash at the end of a couple of the barrels, but this would take less than a minute to clean up.

Very highly recommended.

Review set very kindly supplied by Fly.

© Andrew Birnie 2016

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This review was published on Monday, July 25 2016; Last modified on Monday, July 25 2016