RB Productions | RB-P320061 1/32 Luftwaffe seatbelts Beige - Standard

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

Another great set from RB Productions - RB-P320061 1/32 Luftwaffe seatbelts Beige - Standard.

Suitable for all German fighters and Bombers from 1933 to 1945.

The set includes one sheet of photo-etched buckles and clasps, one set of pre-cut paper straps (beige), one set of pre-cut lap-belt padding (brown) and a detailed assembly guide. This set replaces earlier set - RB-P32006 (reviewed here) and has the advantage of laser cut, and easier to use, paper straps an improvement over the earlier, already superb, sets.

In 1:32 I find these belts give me the most realistic results compared to alternatives on the market - the photo below (from RB Productions website) shows the result!

Why Paper? I'm going to cheat (again!) and copy the text from RB Productions site.

The "paper" used on these seatbelts has a high rag content and no lignin (meaning that it is actually a "textile" material), it is acid free and died in the grain.

Why is this better than "fabric"? Fabric was considered and tested, then it was abandoned for the following reasons:

As with all RB Productions accessories, the instructions are clear and straightforward - with great drawings of the full size belts for reference.


If you're planning on building a period Luftwaffe subject these straps are highly recommended!

This set is available directly from RB Productions.

Review copy courtesy of Radu at RB Productions.

© Iain Ogilvie 2016

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