RB Productions | RB-C32005 1:32 Me 262 B1a/U1 Antennas and Pitot Tube

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

Released at the tail end of 2016 to coincide with the newly released Revell Me262 kit, here we have a resin and turned brass set that replaces the kit supplied radar antenna.

Produced in conjunction with Master for the finely turned brass, the quality of the components is stunning - and there's a lot more in the package than I realised before opening the pack! The main 'horns' are cast resin and a direct replacement for the kit component. The brass aerials are then attached to this - and assembly looks very straightforward, with no cutting, or drilling, of the Revell kit parts required.

Packaging is top notch - with the resin 'horns' neatly protected within a foam 'bunker' to prevent damage. I like the use of the plastic blister pack as it's sturdy and can be re-opened at will - so the parts can be kept safely within during your build.

The instruction card is neatly done with all parts identified and assembly clearly shown. All that will be required is a steady hand on the part of the modeller!


A beautiful set - highly recommended to all builders of Revell's new Night Fighter Me 262s!

This set is available directly from RB Productions.

Review copy courtesy of Radu at RB Productions.

© Iain Ogilvie 2017

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This review was published on Monday, January 09 2017; Last modified on Monday, January 09 2017