PK Tinyland | 1/32nd scale USAAF/USN Seatbelts

Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner

New from Hungary, PK Tinyland brings us some new aftermarket photoetch sets. Peter Kormos, the man behind PK Tinyland, is no stranger when it comes to modeling. He's been adding his own PE to his models for a while, now he brings his photoetch to market.

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One of the products he offers is a set of USAAF/USN seatbelts. This set contains the shoulder harnesses and lap belts necessary to spruce up one US cockpit. Produced from copper, the parts are thin and the detail is very nice. These parts are soft enough to bend easily and, in the case of the seat harnesses, to allow realistic poses. The instructions are very straightforward and very clear. There is really nothing to be ambiguous about...

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This detail set is great. It's inexpensive and it will kick a cockpit up that extra notch without spending a lot of money.

Review sample courtesy of Peter Kormos at PK Tinyland.

You can order this and Peter's other photoetch sets directly from PK Tinyland.

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