Aires | Su-27 Flanker B Cockpit

Reviewed by Jay Laverty

Uncommon Quality

Aires started a while back garnering a reputation for superb casting and great detail with a less that optimal fit. I have used a few of their more recent releases and can say that as far as I am concerned they have kept up the quality of casting and have addressed the fit problems as I had no such issues.

Having a look at this neat little box of goodies, they certainly live up to their reputation of quality detail and casting. In fact this goes well above and beyond the usual. I was very impressed with what I saw as I began to more thoroughly investigate the contents of this set.

All of the instruments are represented in as accurate of detail as is possible, and the instrument panel is further enhanced with the inclusion of a sheet of acetate film for the readings and a clear resin panel. Out of habit I may negate the usefulness of the clear panel and drill out the centres to be filled with Kristal Kleer post painting. I know, I know, It's work either way, masking or drilling, and I am creating myself another job, but I am a creature of habit and I prefer fitting the painted panel over the dials and filling them in as opposed to masking and painting. I may not do it though we'll have to wait and see what mood I'm it when the crunch is on.

The side walls and displays are superbly detailed as well, and with the attention to accurately depicting these smaller details this set is starting to come together very nicely.

The back wall of the cockpit is a mess of wiring, tubing and valves, much like a genuine Flanker, and where Aires could easily have escaped doing a lot of the detail work as " it wouldn't be visible anyways" in the words of the detailing shy modeller, they have outdone themselves.

The Bang seat is jaw dropping. Broken into the main seat and headrest the detail matches the rest of the cockpit, and worth noting is the fact that the Zvezda K-36M ejection seat is available on its own (AIRE 2023) to be fitted into that Fitter. Or Fulcrum.

The interior of the canopy framing follows along much the same mind blowing lines as the rest of the set so far, and I am going to have to find a way of mating this part with he equally impressive Zactomods canopy correction which I will also be adding to my Flanker.

I reccomend this set highly to anyone who is planning a detailed build and corretion job with their Trumpeter Flanker and down to the small details like papers in the document wallets this cockpit is amazingly detailed by anyones standards. How it will fit is a question that can only be answered once building has commenced but I am confident that it will be good.

Many thanks to Nigel Hannants for the review sample.

© Jay Laverty 2005

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016