Pheon Decals | 32059: Post-War Airco DH 9A

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

Thanks to an exchange of models with another forum member recently I now have a copy of the recently released Pheon Decals set for post-war RAF DH 9As, designed for use with the superlative Wingnut Wings kits.

Subjects Covered

DH9A aircraft formed the backbone of Royal Air Force policing activity around the British Empire in the 1920s, and this set provides 9 alternatives to those in the Wingnut Wings kit - plenty of variety in terms of colours and locations, and all superbly researched.

The options provided are:


And the main point of the exercise - a superbly printed set of decals, printed by Fantasy Printshop. Registration, colours and density look spot on to my eyes.


A signature feature of Pheon decal sets is the glossy A4 colour prints of side view illustrations (as seen above), and detailed plan views where required. Combined with a folded A5 'booklet' that provides history and reference sources for each subject, you have a pretty complete package.


This is a stunning set of decals - beautifully printed by Fantasy Printshop and with perfect registration and colour. As noted in the instructions, care has been taken at the design stage to minimise carrier film and this is particularly noteworthy in the design of the check sections and many of the larger numbers. As a result the instructions point out that care will be needed when handling - but the results superb.

The biggest problem is deciding which one to do...

Available direct from Pheon Decals.

Very highly recommended!


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