AOA Decals | 32-019: Dogs of War 1 US Army/USAF O-1 Bird Dogs in the Vietnam War

Reviewed by LSP_Paul

AOA Decals continues their excellent range of Vietnam War Era Aircraft, this time with two sheets for the Roden O-1 Bird Dog. Let's take a look!

What’s in the Package

Part one of the 1/32 Bird Dog coverage, this decal sheet includes thirteen marking options for various O-1 A/G/E Bird Dogs from the Vietnam War:

The modeler is provided with the choice of Seven US Army schemes - 21st Black Aces (two schemes, only one shown in cover image), 199th Swamp Fox, 203rd Hawkeyes, 220th Catkillers, and 221st Shotguns Reconnaissance Aviation/Airplane Companies (RAC), AND Six US Air Force (USAF) schemes (both blue and black USAF markings provided).

Data/stencil set provided for one aircraft with variations of certain markings.

The Markings

The Decals

The decals are printed by Cartograf, are thin, very sharply detailed, the tiny stencils are legible under magnification. The colors are opaque and well defined. The carrier film is so minimal you have to look for it on the backing sheet, really nicely done standard high quality from AOA and Cartograph.


AOA has created another unique decal sheet for a very colorful and historically significant aircraft. If you are looking for O1 Bird Dog markings and want something that stands out and doesn’t look like every other model you might see at a contest, I would highly recommend these decals.

Thank you to AOA Decals for the review sample.

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This review was published on Sunday, August 20 2017; Last modified on Sunday, August 20 2017