RB Productions | RB-P32007: Bf 109K Detailed Wheel Well

Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner

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Most, if not all of us, who build in the larger scales know of Radu Brinzan and his masterful work. This is the latest detail set by RB Productions for the Hasegawa Bf 109s. Just like his previous wheel well detail sets, this one is for the Bf 109K and will add a fantastic amount of detail to the rather plain kit wells. Also included in this set is the inner face details, including hinges and “kick plates”, for the outer wheel doors common on the Bf 109K.

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The photo-etch fret contains 72 parts that are very thin and contain excellent detail. Each part can be easily detached from the fret, and the modeler must use the utmost care as many of these parts are very small and can easily be lost. Care must also be used when replicating the bends in a variety of these parts. While not impossible, a couple of the bends are fairly complex and the instructions should be followed to get the order correct.

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The instructions are what we've come to expect from Radu. They are printed on both sides of included page and are well laid out, very detailed, and well illustrated. To make the most of this photo-etch detail set the modeler should pay attention to the way things are laid out in the instructions. Radu also supplies the modeler some tips on bending and forming the photo-etch parts.

Highly Recommended!

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